Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Research Policies and Procedures

1. Research can come from different sources:

1.1 Internally from RCDR staff members

1.2. From External Parties

1.2.1. Other hospitals within the UAE

1.2.2. Local and international universities

1.2.3. Medical industries and other members of society

2. A draft research proposal should be prepared in a 1-page document and should be submitted to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Rashid Centre for Diabetes and Research (RCDR) along with the following information:

2.1. Background

2.2 Ideas

2.3. Relevance

2.4. Study Design

2.5. Budget

3. A Non-Disclosure Letter can be issued by the CMO on behalf of the centre on request (SDRE001b)

4. Upon completion of Non-Disclosure Agreement, the drafted research proposal will be presented to the members of Research, Education, Quality and Awareness Team (REQA Team) of RCDR.

4.1. The REQA Team decides whether a particular research idea is to be considered as a priority or not.  For this, they can take support of the RCDR’s Research Advisory Board.  Projects of relevance for the local diabetic population should be prioritized.

4.1.1. If a research idea is deemed as priority, the research investigator will be advised to prepare and develop a formal research plan.

4.1.2. Research drafts categorized as low or not priority are, if approved by the External Party, kept in a file for possible research project in the future.  The person that proposed the project shall be informed about this.

5. In developing a Formal Research Proposal, the research investigator is required to submit:

5.1. A Project Plan including all the pertinent supporting documents, financing source and other resources.

5.2. On completion of Point 5.1, the research proposal will be assigned a Project Number and a folder will be created in the SharePoint for that specific research project.

6. The REQA team shall review the research proposal within 2 weeks of submission.  On approval of the REQA team, the research proposal is submitted to the General Manager (GM) of RCDR for approval.  If approved, a Research Collaboration Agreement is signed between the parties.

7. After approval of the RCDR GM, the project plan is submitted to the Research and Ethics Committee (REC) for approval.

8. The Research Project will be launched and executed in RCDR.

9. On completion of the research project, the CMO of RCDR shall decide when the research project can be sent for publication.

10. After publication, the project will be closed by the CMO of RCDR.

11. All documentation and publications shall be uploaded to the SharePoint continuously.