Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Annual Research Report

Research at RCDR encompasses a wide range of diverse interests and expertise and provides an intellectually enriching environment to create innovative solutions for critical healthcare challenges in the UAE.  RCDR makes unique contributions to understand, prevent and treat diabetes through sophisticated research.  It is engaged in a cross-disciplinary and high quality clinical, epidemiological and genetic research and proudly offers world-class research facilities for researchers, professionals and postgraduate students in the UAE and this includes medical laboratories, patient recruitment database and expert researchers.
RCDR is currently experiencing a significant growth in diabetes research despite the fact that RCDR was established in 2010.  As shown in Figure 1, the research projects have increased considerably during the last three years and several research projects have been proposed to be conducted in the future. 
RCDR researchers are renowned for their national and international experiences in the field of diabetes research and their research studies have been published in well-known journals.  Recently, RCDR researchers have responded efficiently to major health issues in the UAE by conducting and publishing research studies about Gastroparesis and Diabetes, Ramadan and Diabetes, National Diabetes Study and the Glycaemic Index of UAE Traditional Bread (Figure. 2).
The core areas of research covered by RCDR researchers include, but not limited to, the followings: Obesity Research, Lifestyle Research, National Diabetes Study, Vitamin D Research, Neuropathy Research, Retinopathy Research, Erectile Dysfunction Research, Cardiovascular Outcomes Research, Diabetes and Genetics Research, Gastrointestinal Research, Stress Research, Development of Diabetes Education Programs and Clinical Trial.
RCDR has established and maintained research collaboration with various national and international institutes, universities and organizations to ensure that research in the UAE contributes significantly to prevention and treatment of diabetes under supervision of the Ministry of Health.  The national organizations include University of Sharjah, Ajman University, American University of Sharjah, Gulf Medical University, Zayed University and Celolab whereas the international institutions include Lund University (Sweden), Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute (Australia).  RCDR is currently involved in a considerable number of research projects.