Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Training and Education

RCDR multidisciplinary clinics and departments offer high quality training and educational programs for primary health care (PHC) professionals and students.  These departments include lifestyle clinic, foot clinic, diabetes clinic, physiotherapy and research.  As shown in Figure 1, RCDR offers diabetes education and training services to a wide range of national and international organizations.  In addition, research opportunities are currently available at RCDR which provides a knowledge-driven, stimulating and exciting research environment for PHC professionals and postgraduate students.

In 2013, RCDR has organized three educational and training courses for PHC (A) Nurses, (B) Dietitians and (C) Doctors:

(A) Towards Nurse Diabetes Education Certification

RCDR with collaboration with the Ministry of Health, PHC Department and Ajman Medical District has initiated an education and training course for PHC nurses to develop and implement Diabetes Education Training Manual taking into consideration the limited resources that are available in the region. The purpose of this course is to train diabetes educators to organize, manage and train other diabetes educators working in PHC systems in the UAE. In addition, a clear role for diabetes educators within the UAE needs to be identified and these educators have to be prepared for advanced level of training so as to promote optimum diabetes care. The course (Duration, October 2012-May 2013) has been granted CME credits and ten PHC nurses were graduated in May 2013.

(B) Dietitian Training for Weight Management Program (Life-8)
Weight management program (Life 8) is a structured weight loss program developed by RCDR, which is based on a combination of diet modification, increased physical activity and behavioral therapy. It aims at empowering the participants with skills and knowledge that would enable them to lose excess body weight and to maintain the lost weight. Hands on training of the PHC dietitians will enable them to improve their knowledge and clinical practice in delivering weight loss interventions to their patients. The course is split into eight modules over three months (March 2013-June 2013). Each module includes lectures, group sessions, workshops and presentations.

(C) RCDR Diabetes Training Course for PHC Doctors in UAE
The course will equip the PHC doctors in the UAE with an interest in diabetes and a sound knowledge of the subject. This will be achieved by providing the opportunity to examine up-to-date clinical information, aspects of treatment and referral guidelines for diabetes and diabetic complications as seen in practice. PHC doctors will gain knowledge and skills that allow them to develop research materials and evaluate various aspects of diabetes care. The course aims to (i) provide a comprehensive program of diabetes education for health care professionals, (ii) develop competence in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diabetes in UAE (iii) develop leadership and evaluation skills in the delivery of diabetes care, (iv) establish a stimulating environment for research, teaching and learning about diabetes, (v) promote a training culture for health care professionals by developing a network of experienced trainers and (iv) help improving the quality of life of Emirati diabetic patients. The course has been granted CME credits and fourteen primary health care doctors were selected and enrolled through the Ministry of Health. The course is split into nine modules over nine months (April 2013-December 2013). Each module includes lectures, guided discussions (meet the expert), workshops, project work and presentations, on-hand clinical practice and PHC visits.