Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Rashid Centre for Diabetes & Research (RCDR) has an extensive experience in delivering high quality healthcare services and several measures are established to monitor and improve these services on a regular basis. Evaluation of patient satisfaction is considered as a vital indicator of the effectiveness of our clinical and administrative processes and procedures and it also helps greatly in identifying methods and areas that need to be improved. Our Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS) is designed to evaluate the following core areas on a quarterly basis; facilities, access to care, waiting time, consultants, diabetes specialist nurses, lifestyle, pharmacy, other staff and recommendation of RCDR as a specialized Diabetes Centre. Our target in Patient Satisfaction is to have 90 % or more of our patients being satisfied or very satisfied with our overall performance. We are continuously working with improving our quality but if the PSS shows a deviation from our set target we will instantly start a root cause analyses and implement improvement projects.
Patient Satisfaction data is collected during the last month of each quarter and during every day of the week in order to provide validated data for evaluation and actions (Figure 1).


As shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3, the outcome of the PSS for the third quarter of 2016 is still showing evidence of highly appreciated effectiveness and healthcare delivery.
We met our target in all areas. Still the more detailed analysis of the Q2 PSS shows that the patient wants shorter waiting time at the pharmacy and to have more time with the pharmacists. This is all included in the future plan for RCDR.