Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Quality Management Process

Our quality system will conform to the requirements of Joint Commission International (JCI).

Quality Principles

Quality derives from a staff commitment to service and excellence.

Patient Focus

Patients’ requirements come first.

Quality begins and ends with the patient and we strive to always satisfy their needs.

This is reflected in our flexibility - both as individuals and as an organization.


We search for, design and support creative models and services for care programs.


Our employees work together as a team to provide best possible care of our patients.

Process Emphasis

We focus our employees on practical processes to ensure consistent results.

Continuous Improvement

Through management review of our Quality Management System we aim to continually improve our performance, processes and services.

Employee Development

Through active mentoring we create a culture where staff have the skills and are empowered to take responsibility for the results of their actions, which contributes to the success of the Centre.







Quality Management System
Document Control
OVR and non compliance reports
Medical and administration record audits


Medical Advisory Board (Malmo University Hospital, Sweden) twice per year

- Audit of clinical processes
- Evaluation of clinical knowledge
- Filling of knowledge gaps

Joint Commission International (JCI)

Executive Board of the Health Ministers’ Council for Cooperation Council States (GCC)


Internal quality control
External quality control program
Ministry of Health (MoH) audits