Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Referral Criteria for Rashid Centre for Diabetes and Research

Diabetes Care

-    UAE nationals with any Type of Diabetes > 15 years

Diabetic Foot Care

-    UAE nationals with diabetes foot problems (ulcers, infections, threatening or manifest gangrene, Morbus Charcot, traumatic injuries, pressure effects, cracking, neuropathy with deformities, neuropathy induced pain, need for orthopaedic aids)

Bariatric Surgery

-    UAE nationals with BMI >35 with co-morbidities and age > 18 years in need of bariatric surgery
-    UAE nationals with BMI >40 and age > 18 years in need of bariatric surgery



Referrals instructions

Referrals for patients fulfilling the criteria given above should include:

  1. Patient’s full name
  2. Short description of patient’s history and why the patient is referred to RCDR
  3. A complete and correct list of present medication
  4. Latest lab result including, as a minimum, HbA1c, lipid profile and other pathological results
  5. For Diabetic Foot referrals: Current x-rays, or other imaging studies, of the feet/ankles/legs as well as any current pathology/culture reports

Referrals should be sent to RCDR in English by fax, post or in person

Please download the Referral Form here: pdfRCDR__Referral__Letter.pdf



One year treatment plan at RCDR

Patients referred to Rashid Centre for Diabetes and Research undergo a standardized treatment scheme with individual components for one year including regular monitoring and follow up. Initially the patient meets the Diabetologist and Diabetes Specialist nurse, followed by the Podiatrist, Dietitian and Physiotherapist in two subsequent visits. At the initial visit, and at 3, 6, 12 months, patients undergoes a standardized tests package, including anthropometric measurements, vital signs, ECG and lab tests. Retinal scanning takes place at initial visit and is thereafter repeated biannually. Lab tests are analyzed at RCDR’s in-house laboratory and made available after 40 minutes when diabetologist meet the patient. All patient data is stored in the common IT-system and is available for all providers.

Each provider establishes treatment goals in consensus with the patient and plans the one-year program with the aim to give the patient a holistic transformation towards a new life. After one year of treatment, education and monitoring, the patient is reevaluated and ideally discharged and referred back to the Primary health care for further follow up and treatment.