Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Lifestyle clinic

Helping you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing

The Lifestyle Clinic at RCDR includes an Educational kitchen, a Bariatric surgery unit and a Physiotherapy unit with a gymnasium. The clinic offers non-surgical as well as surgical interventions for diabetic patients. The team working at the clinic consists of Nutritionist, Dietician, Bariatric nurse, Physiotherapist and visiting Bariatric surgeons from Sweden. A healthy lifestyle is an essential tool in the management of diabetes and the clinic has been established with a vision of educating and guiding people towards a healthier and happier life.

Non-surgical interventions include different individualized programs for weight management and improved diabetes control. Patients are offered education on healthy eating, behavior modification, physical therapy and psychotherapy. The clinic also offers intensive two-day diabetes group education programs in Arabic and English for a homogeneous group of 6-8 patients, as well as group education lecture sessions for a larger groups of patients and relatives. The lifestyle clinic is equipped with an educational kitchen for bridging the gap between the nutritional counseling and the practical implementation of the healthy eating as well as a modern gymnasium furnished with the latest equipment for therapeutic exercise including electrotherapy and hydrotherapy units.

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