Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

The Ophthalmology (Eye) Clinic

Regular eye examinations, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent severe vision loss

Diabetic retinopathy is the most common form of eye problem affecting patients with diabetes. The blood vessels that nourish the retina, the seeing part of the eye, are damaged causing retinopathy as a complication of diabetes. There are no early-stage symptoms of diabetic retinopathy and vision loss may not occur until the disease is advanced. Therefore it is necessary for all diabetic patients to have retinal photography taken regularly as part of screening. Regular eye examinations, early diagnosis and treatment can usually prevent severe vision loss.


The Ophthalmology clinic offers screening, examinations, treatment and professional advice on eye care and eye health. All diabetic patients are having a visual acuity and retinal photography taken during their first visit and retinal photographs are thereafter taken for each patient on a regular basis. If any irregularities are detected at any time the patients are contacted and an Ophthalmology appointment is arranged.


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