Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Diabetes clinic

The Rashid Centre for Diabetes and Research provides an all inclusive first-class one-stop care facility tailored to meet the needs of people with diabetes

The diabetes clinic offers general treatment for diabetes and its comorbidities. The diabetologist has the overall responsibility for the health of the patient and for the individual components of the treatment plan. The clinic comprises general assessment rooms with a Nursing team, diabetes eye screening rooms, and consultation rooms for Diabetologists, Cardiologist, Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Diabetes Nurse Educators. The clinic also has an on-site Pharmacy to assist with dispensing of daily diabetes treatment requirements.


This multidisciplinary team of professionals is working together to provide diagnosis, counseling, education, treatment and lifestyle options, support and motivation to the patients. The patient share responsibility in their diabetes treatment plan which focus on the three cornerstones of diabetes care and education: exercise, healthy eating and correct medication. The key principles to guide and empower the patient in terms of "good diabetes care" include individual as well as group education as a tool for diabetes self management.