Rashid Centre for
Diabetes & Research

Treatment of Diabetes


The most important way of controlling the disease and its progression is a healthy lifestyle. This includes smoking cessation, increased physical activity and a healthy diet with lower calorie content. The specially trained dietitians and physiotherapist at our centre can help you further.

Medications: Tablets and GLP-1 injections

Even though modifications to lifestyle can be effective in the prevention of diabetes, when the disease is diagnosed, in many cases these actions will not be enough; therefore  initiation of prescribed medication is necessary. There are several classes of medication available, with different mechanisms of action. Your physician will decide upon the proper treatment based on your requirements and preferences. When treating Type 2 Diabetes, the treatment  most frequently commences with lifestyle modification. In time and as the disease progresses, there is usually a need to initiate then combine several classes of medication in order to achieve normal blood glucose levels. These drugs may stimulate your own insulin production or enhance the insulin sensitivity in your body.

Insulin Injections

Treatment with tablets may eventually not be enough in the treatment of diabetes.There is maybe a requirement for treatment using insulin injections. Based on different factors, the insulin injection treatment can consist of one or several injections daily. In recent years, a new class of medication that lowers blood sugar levels has been developed to enhance the production of insulin and are administered by injections under the skin. These drugs can also effective in reducing body weight.